Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thirteen things that happened in 2013

It's nearly an hour into the new year for me and I've been remembering all the things that have happened last year and have come up with my to thirteen. This is only a quick list, but I felt like I had to share it. If any one wants the full stories to any thing, fear not, some of them are future posts.

13. I learned how to surf.
12. I read the whole of Les Miserables.
11. I met Lord Voldemort.
10. I saw Matilda in the West End.
9. I went to Bath on a school trip.
8. I went to my first concert.
7. I had a water fight with my friends at school.
6. I saw Les Miserables in the theatre and cinema.
5. I made so many new friends.
4. I finally stood up to people in my class.
3. After a long ordeal, my mum was fine.
2. Getting a B in my science GCSE.
1. Cloud Hopping and Bump.

I'm sorry if this seems a bit vague, but all will be revealed soon, I promise.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013- A Year In Review

With three days to go until 2014, I'm realising just how quickly this year has gone. Although it has not been a great year, I'm greatful for everything that has happened as it has made me who I am today.

The year began with a low as due to my own faults I began to fall behind with school work and was not doing as well in some subjects as I should be. With school reports and parents evening this became clear and I hit a rock bottom. It was also a very intensive time as my drama group had entered into the annual drama festival where we were entering a play, a mime and three improvisations. It was the day after the parents evening and nothing was going well. However, we ended up winning a lot of prizes, beating the other elitist drama group.

Midway through the year and things were going okay, I made my confirmation and was coming to the end of my first year of GCSEs. I took one GCSE in core science and was preparing for summer. Then everything went wrong. My mum had been going to the doctors a lot about her periods. She had been referred to the hospital and we were told she had  tumour that may or may not be cancerous which needed to be removed.

We were still able to go on holiday but days after my sister and I were taken to my grandparents cottage in Norfolk and my mum had her operation. She was in hospital for a while, long enough for us to go away again, this time with our cousins, while she went home. During then I got my GCSE results, where I got a B in my science which I was very happy about. I then celebrated my birthday and helped out at my drama groups 'Show In A Week'.

Then school stated again and I found year 11 heard asst first and struggled through September, before getting used to the routine. Parents evening came and went along with the first report, with mostly positive comments. Though there were hard moments, with a close family friend dying, most of the end has been good.

This year has been a year of self discovery, having to grow up and take responsibility for my actions. I've learnt a lot about myself and hope to continue to do so this coming year. The year has been full of many attempts to get experience in journalism, with many failed blog attempts and unemployed letters to local newspapers and magazines. But as one of my resolutions for next year is to get as much experience as possible to get where I aim to go later on in life.