Monday, 13 January 2014

Cloud Hopping: A short summary

While I am currently curled up in a ball crying because if the third episode of Sherlock, I remembered that I needed to write a blog post.
And so, I present to you a sorry of vomit, cold McDonald's, tiny wooden seats and stripping, otherwise known as Cloud Hopping.

It was December 2012. In the cold back room of the back where I do drama, were me, Joseph, Chloe, Ana, Sian, Izz, Matt and Rakeem. We had finally vision a script for the next drama festival and were ready to pay for it and also see whether we were able to perform it.

Two weeks later and rehearsals had begun. They were okay, but we didn't seem to be progressing anywhere as Sian hadn't been to any rehearsals, meaning I was having to read in her party Gill, who I ended up playing as well as the doctor.

It continued like this for months until that fateful day in early Match, just two weeks before we were many to perform the play. I was coming home from school and I got a text from Joseph saying that today's rehearsal had been cancelled, with no explanation as to why. Then the bbm came. IEEE was asking for a boy, who within two weeks was willing to play a major part in a play. That's when it had hit me, Rakeem had left the cast.

I got home as quick as possible, and ran up to the hall with my mum where Chloe and Joseph sat calling people trying to get people to play this post on such a small notice.

Long story short, we got someone, Sam, to pay the part, and I took over the roll of Gill, his girlfriend, in time to perform it two weeks later at the festival, where it won and award.

This is only a quick post to make up for the lack of them recently, however, there are many anecdotes within this that deserve their own post, so I'll leave this story here.

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