Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Years Resolutions

Every year I aim to try and keep a certain amount of promises  that I make to myself, and every year I fail to keep these promises. However, this year I'm hoping to achieve keep these promises to myself. Of course these promises are just new years resolutions, which are infamous for not being kept, but this year I actually want to. And in order for me to do so, I am sharing them with you.

1. Procrastinate less. 
2014 is a very big year for me academically, as I am doing all my GCSEs and then stating my a levels. As I found out the hard way, I need to stop procrastinating otherwise I am not going to do well, hence this resolution.

2. Become fit. 
While this seems a very stereotypical resolution, it also has a personal side to it. I used to do ballet and since writing for years   ago, I have gained a lot of fast on my body, in comparison to how skinny and muscly I used to be, I also am not that for any more. My mum and I are doing this together as we are going to be doing the race for life this year as we know so many people who have been affected by cancer, from elderly family friends, grandparents, aunts and one of my close friends, one some of whom have made it through.

3. Become confident with singing. 
While this seems silly, it's quite important to me as this year my friend from my drama group will be leaving for university, making me the eldest girls under 25, which is the cut off point for the senior group. This means for the annual pantomime the society put on every year, there will be an opening for a girl this age to take the female lead role, which I am hoping, if my singing improves, I would be given this part.

These are only some of my resolutions, the rest being a lot more personal, so understandably I don't want to share them. This year I'm hoping that I will be able to fulfill these and unlike last year, it will be a lot happier and easier for all my friends and family.


  1. Hi Hannah,

    Firstly, thanks very much for registering at Teenage Blogger Central! Also, good luck with your resolutions :)